Anyone can contribute to Emscripten — if you find it useful and want to help improve the project, follow the suggestions below.

Feel free to file bug reports, join the discussion and share your own ideas with the community!

Getting started

A good starting point is to work on the open issues on GitHub. Many issues can be resolved without an in-depth knowledge of compiler internals, and this is a great way to learn more about the project.


We really appreciate your help. Every existing issue closed means more time for the core contributors to work on new features, optimizations and other enhancements.

In addition to improving the toolchain, you can also review and update this documentation.

Next steps

As a new contributor you should read the Developer’s Guide. You may also need to install Emscripten from source and become familiar with Debugging and Building Projects.

Please get in touch with the community to share your ideas and work out where you can make the most difference.