Emscripten Documentation

This comprehensive documentation set contains everything you need to know to use Emscripten.

Getting started:

  • Introducing Emscripten explains what Emscripten does, why it is needed, its limitations and its licensing. It will help you understand whether Emscripten is the right tool for you.

  • Getting Started walks you through downloading, installing and using the Emscripten SDK.

Emscripten Fundamentals:

  • Porting illustrates the main differences between the native and Emscripten runtime environments, and explains the changes you need to make to prepare your C/C++ code for the Web.

  • Optimizing Code shows how to optimise your code for size and performance.

  • Optimizing WebGL gives tips for how to maximize WebGL rendering performance for your page.

  • Compiling and Running Projects demonstrates how to integrate Emscripten into your existing project build system.



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